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Nicky & Steve’s wedding – Tues 4th July 2017

Nicky & Steve’s wedding – Tues 4th July 2017

The old cliché is true – we really do care about our couples and listen to all of the details that makes your weddings so very personal – we believe, it’s the only way.

This week, we photographed the smallest of weddings for a couple who holiday in St Ives every year.  The guest list consisted of the bride, groom, Edan, our photographer and second witness.

Nicky and Steve booked their civil ceremony at Truro Registry Office during this year’s family holiday and what a glorious week they have picked!  Having selected our one hour package (which is perfectly suited to civil ceremonies), they contacted us to discuss the finer details and to share more personal information with us.  We learnt that Edan is 7 years old, autistic, mute and will need to be able to ‘do his own thing’ during the ceremony. ‘Absolutely no problem at all’ we said.

At small weddings, we double up as witnesses and having learnt about Edan’s autism, we swiftly called our good friend and ASD Consultant, Tigger Pritchard. He was available, very much looking forward to meeting the family and very excited at the thought of coming to Nicky & Steve’s wedding – perfect!

On the day, Edan managed new faces and new spaces incredibly well and both the wedding ceremony and the photography experience were enjoyed by all – we managed to get a good selection of images where this handsome little boy, looked directly to camera – a moving moment for us all.

Tigger’s involvement, influence and real understanding of what was going on in Edan’s peripheral vision, was like a moment of magic and there we had it, the family shots, captured forever.  He played in the dirt and gravel with Edan while Mum and Dad had their photos taken and the whole wedding was beautiful. 

Our personal thanks to Tigger Pritchard whose invaluable contribution helped us to provide a truly wonderful photo album but has also left us very proud to say – yes, we really do listen.  Even our couples say so!

Last night, we visited Nicky, Steve and Edan to showcase their images to them.  It was moments before the room filled with ‘oooh!’ and ‘aaaah!’ – true testament indeed.

“Exposure were amazing, they put us all at ease and made our day special. They added a personal touch and we couldn’t be happier with our wedding photos!!!!! Love them so much!” Mr & Mrs Jessop.

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