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Black Friday 24th November 2017

Black Friday 24th November 2017


“Are you getting married in the UK? …
Would you like to save some cash on your photos & film? …

If yes, we have something special for you! …”

This is our very first year of joining in with the #blackfriday shopping fun and we hope that you will love what we have packaged, especially for you.

Usually £2,800 | £1,400 for ONE DAY ONLY

Designed for our engaged couples who are looking for full day coverage of their wedding day, our #blackfriday offering gives you the opportunity to enjoy 8 hours of photos and film – at half price.

We absolutely love being invited to weddings.  What a great job eh?!  It’s an opportunity to use our talents to provide you with professional photography & film which you can enjoy with your families and friends. We know that most people aren’t too keen on having professional portraits taken but weddings, they’re different. Everyone likes a relaxed snap that you can look back upon and remember all of the fun of the day.

sssh … we’ll let you in to a little secret … photographers and videographers are the worst at having their photographs taken! Together, we will spend the day capturing images for you, in a relaxed and candid fashion. The first ingredient to having images that you will love, is to enjoy the day itself.  Thereafter, you will be able to use the images for albums, frames and gifts for you and your loved ones.

One of the most exciting times for us, is when you are settling in for the evening, usually with a bottle of bubbles, to see all of your images for the very first time. To know that we have been able to create something so meaningful and truly unique, is the best feeling in the world!


If you are beginning to think that you may like to save to a few quid with us, this is what we suggest that you do.

Firstly, take a look at some of our wedding snaps by visiting the wedding page on our website.

Take a peek at this beautiful blog. Wedding and event planner Jenny Wren knows lots and lots of photographers, so we were absolutely delighted when she and her fiancé Damian, chose us for their very own wedding day.

“We are over the moon to confirm our booking with Exposure and look forward to having them tell the story of our day”.

Read our blog here: Jenny Wren


8 hours of wedding photography
Inclusive of editing
High resolution images, prepared for printing
Low resolution images, prepared for web sharing
Mini movie of images

8 hours of wedding videography
Inclusive of editing

Delivered as a personalised USB gift box

Approximate delivery time: 3 weeks from date of wedding


For a chat, give us a call on 07725 875743
To request a call back, text us on 07725 875743
or email us via info@exposurephotoagency.com

Type ‘BlackFriday17’ in the subject line for fast-track


You will be required to process a £300 non-refundable booking fee and return a signed copy of our terms and conditions within 48 hours. Balance payments can be made monthly, or in full, one whole month before your wedding day.

* Full Terms and conditions will be provided as part of the booking process.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you! OFFER ENDS MIDNIGHT 24th NOVEMBER 2017

Join us: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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